Nerve Spa Pro


Nerve Re-education Unit

NerveSpa Pro is specially designed to calm the nerves and increase blood flow to the affected areas which allows the nerve cells the potential to recover. Emits extremely safe levels of signals, essentially making the water a conduit of effective levels of current, that provides relief to the entire surface of the extremity. Helps block the pain signals from transmitting back to your brain, as well as helps rejuvenate the nerve endings.


  • NerveSpa device
  • Conductive foot bath
  • 2″ carbon rubber electrodes (1 pair)
  • Charging cord
  • Carrying case
  • User’s manual
  • Epson salt (90 day supply)
  • Effervescent tablets (90 day supply)


  • Do not use if you have a pacemaker
  • Do not use if you have active cancer
  • Do not use if you are pregnant

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