Light Therapy – Single Boot


Light Therapy Pads – Single Boot

The HealthLight light therapy boot is developed and manufactured with top-quality, clinical-strength Near-Infrared lights. They are FDA cleared and science-backed for providing temporary pain relief and circulation improvement. Our specific unit has 80% near-infrared, making it the most powerful foot and calf device on the market.

  • Quickest treatment time of any LED light therapy pad (only 20 minutes)
  • Red and Infrared lights for ideal penetration and efficacy
  • Highest quality and most durable components
  • No seams so therapy pads won’t split or fray
  • LED’s are optimally placed within neoprene pads
  • Operates at body temperature
  • The MOST clinical strength LEDs in the market
  • USB-style connectors, not breakable DIN’s

Included: HealthLight Single Boot Foot & Calf device, Control Unit, Carrying Case and user Guide


  • Do not use over the carotid arteries in the neck
  • Do not use over womb if pregnant
  • Do not use if active cancer is present
  • Do not use three large pads over the abdomen, stomach, and chest simultaneously
  • Do not use with heat/cold producing gels, ointments, or salves
  • Do not use above shoulders when consuming high levels of caffeine (example: energy-boosting drinks, 32 oz coffee)
  • Do not use if taking light sensitive prescription or over the counter drugs
  • Do not use repeatedly in the same location without a two-hour break
  • This is an infrared therapy device and may produce a modest amount of gentle heat.  If at ANY time you feel the pad is HOT or too hot for your comfort, turn the controller off and remove the pad from where it is placed.
  • The device will automatically shut off after approximately 20 minutes
  • With light therapy, using it more often produces better results than using it longer

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