Healthy Living COVID-19 Program

$189.00 $49.00


Protect yourself against COVID-19 with practical measures and steps that you can take right now, from your own home.

Are you wondering how to stay healthy during the Coronavirus? We’ve created a plan just for you. The Healthy Living COVID-19  program is a 30-day plan that includes daily healthy recipes, 21 mindfulness videos to reduce stress and anxiety, daily recommendations to protect yourself from the coronavirus, stretching and yoga routines, and updates as well as tips from the CDC and WHO.


We want to make sure you feel protected and taken care of during this season and unusual time. Healthy eating and taking vitamins helps to increase your immune system. Mindfulness, stretching, and yoga are key practices during a lot of change economically, emotionally and even physically. There are daily steps you can take right now to ward off COVID-19. This program will guide you through it.