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Migraine Testing

Migraine headaches are becoming more and more common. Every week we see patients for migraines, and the typical treatment is prescription medications. After the MRI, CT scan etc all come back “normal”, and you don’t have the worst of the worst, then it’s a medication covering up the symptom.

The big question is this…

Did previous doctors DIG to look for the root cause?

Our Approach Is Unique!

We take an in depth look at patients from a “wholistic” perspective. We’ll do a thorough health history to determine what you’ve tried in the past…what’s working, what’s not working etc. We need to know what tests you’ve done in the past (i.e. MRI, Xrays etc.).

But please understand, we approach patients from a NATURAL perspective. We’re not going to simply throw another medication your way.

migraine testing

Please Remember…

Our testing can be done from anywhere in the U.S. You do not need to physically come into our clinics to get the help you need.

Remember – We help food sensitive patients virtually all across the country and at our office in central Texas safely, effectively & naturally!

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At Glow Body Sculpting, you can get migraine tests to help determine the root cause of headaches and get the migraine treatment you need. Our approach to ADHD is by looking at the state of the mind and body.  WE look at what is out of balance and what actors could be causing the body to become out of balance.  Some of the most common underlying causes of ADHD include inflammation to the brain and body caused by environmental toxins, chemicals and preservatives found in foods, unknown food sensitivities, and nutritional deficiencies. By using lab food tests and analyzing the data, we can discover what the underlying cause are and implement specific protocols and nutrition guidelines based on that data that is personalized for each individual. These food tests help people discover artificial colors, preservatives, pesticides and other harmful additives and chemicals that can contribute to forgetfulness, distractibility and disorganization.  In addition, using an elimination diet can help pinpoint what foods that might be causing inflammation to the brain thus impacting your brain function.   Migraines are an issue a lot of people deal with, many of whom don’t know how to get the right treatment they need. Migraines can often come from the food sensitivities we are unaware of, which is why it is so important to evaluate migraine symptoms using food tests. Food tests can help us determine which foods you should avoid, especially if you suffer from frequent migraines. Impacting migraine symptoms can be as simple as changing your diet and getting on the path to eating the right foods.

You may get relief of migraine symptoms by taking one of our food sensitivity tests. Food sensitivities can be the root cause of migraine headaches, and through our chronic migraine plan of action, we can help provide simple solutions for you. Our migraine holistic options may help soothe chronic headaches, but may also make you feel and look better. The migraine implementations you’ll find here at Glow Body Sculpting takes a functional medicine approach that allows you to take control of your health. After analyzing the data, we’ll then be able to advise which foods you should avoid to then improve your headaches, as well as your overall well-being.

Migraine food tests can help determine which foods are negatively affecting your body. Evaluating migraine symptoms are simple and easy here at Glow Body Sculpting. We analyze the factors that could be causing migraine headaches for people in Austin, TX. We won’t prescribe you medicine, we instead will take a different approach by looking at the root cause of your headaches. Our food tests for migraine headaches will address the underlying causes and provide solutions from there.  We strive to reduce chronic headaches by helping you change your diet. A lot of the foods we are sensitive to can cause us to have frequent migraines. It’s as simple as taking a migraine food test to change your life around, simply by eating the right foods that will reduce migraines, make you healthier, and may even help you look better!

At Glow Body Sculpting, we not only offer solutions to your migraine symptoms, but we also offer weight loss programs that can work hand in hand with your new diet. With our FDA-approved LED light device, you can easily get rid of unwanted fat. And with a diet that will reduce inflammation and keep you healthy, you’ll be able to keep the weight off. The possibilities at Glow Body Sculpting are endless. Come and contact us today to get a free consultation!

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