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What Causes Leaky Gut?

​Food Allergies, Sensitivities & Intolerances – This seems to be a recurring theme with a lot of health challenges & THIS is WHY we test! We need to remove foods that are harming your intestinal lining and ultimately causing an immune reaction.

Stress – Heightened stress hormones put a complete stop to digestion since your body wants you to deal with the stressor (work, relationships, finances – whatever your stressors may be).


Incomplete Chewing – This allows larger than normal proteins into the bloodstream.


Low Levels of Pancreatic Enzymes – Digestive Enzymes are so important & are imperative in the digestive process. Once you have intestinal permeability this will only worsen the issue.


Dysbiosis – Having microbial imbalances in your gut will weaken your GI system, making it less effective, prone to inflammation and weakening your natural defense system.
leaky gut testing

For over 15 years we’ve been helping patients with digestive challenges! FOOD TESTING is one key component. When you find and fix the root cause, the results are remarkable! By removing sensitivities / intolerances we’re able to give the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM a break.

There is a STRONG correlation between gut health and ADHD. Remember, there is a GUT – BRAIN connection. If the gut isn’t working right…the BRAIN isn’t going to work right.
By testing we’re also able to give the IMMUNE SYSTEM a break…ultimately we’re testing the immune system. And perhaps THE most important aspect of food testing is we’re able to reduce INFLAMMATION and more specifically inflammation in the BRAIN!
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Leaky gut syndrome is a digestive problem that can cause symptoms like food sensitivities, gas, bloating, and more. The way to get rid of these annoying aches and pains is through leaky gut testing. At Glow Body Sculpting, we offer leaky gut testing to determine which foods you should be eating and which foods you should be avoiding. Leaky gut treatment can be as simple as eating the right foods. Once you start consuming the foods that are right for your body, you can start living a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

Through our food sensitivity testing along with our leaky gut treatments, you will no longer have to deal with the annoying symptoms of leaky gut syndrome. The way to get on a leaky gut syndrome diet is by taking a food sensitivity test. Our food sensitivity tests will tell us which foods you may be allergic or sensitive to. It is important to know this information as it may easily be the cause of digestive issues, such as leaky gut syndrome.

To help improve your symptoms, you can get on a leaky gut syndrome treatment diet that helps target the root cause of the problem, which are the foods you consume. With a leaky gut syndrome treatment diet, you can eat the right foods to reduce symptoms like bloating and cramps. Leaky gut treatment is as simple as staying on track to eat the foods that are good for your body. We can help you achieve the leaky gut treatment that can change the way you eat and as a result, transform your body. Getting on a leaky gut syndrome diet will allow you to avoid the foods that are causing these uncomfortable symptoms and will help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Our food sensitivity tests will not only help us determine which foods are right for you, but it can also be paired with one of our weight loss programs to help achieve your ideal body. If you’re struggling to get on a leaky gut syndrome diet to help soothe digestive pains, we can help you get the leaky gut treatment you need. A leaky gut syndrome treatment diet involves eating the right foods, but you can combine this with our weight loss program to not only feel good but to also look good. At Glow Body Sculpting, we not only offer leaky gut treatments, but we also offer weight loss programs that will help you achieve your dream body.

Our weight loss programs include non-invasive technologies to help get rid of unwanted fat. We can help transform your body through the use of our LED light device to sculpt the dream body you want. Our weight loss programs are great, especially if you’re struggling to keep off weight. Whether you have digestive issues, or you simply want to achieve your ideal body, you can come to Glow Body Sculpting to get the help you need. With our help, you can get on the leaky gut syndrome diet you need to help soothe digestive pains. You can come and get tested right here at Glow Body Sculpting in Austin, TX to start living a healthier lifestyle.


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Remember – We help food sensitive patients virtually all across the country and at our office in central Texas safely, effectively & naturally!

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